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Mid Summer Nationals
Mid Summer Nationals
Red Black Soft Shell Jacket
Ladies or Mens
Full Back Embroidery and Applique
Add Bling! Champion Patch Trophy

Add A Patch $50.00
With Bling $60
Add A Trophy $30.00
Add "Big Bling" $150.00
Black National Championship Jacket -

Black National Championship Jacket

Official US National Championship Jacket. Logo in Embroidery and Chenille. Black 100% Wool Body, Black Leather Sleeves, Collar and Trim, with White Wing inset. Unisex Sizing. Add a CHAMPION, RES CHAMP or TOP TEN Patch, $50. Add a Champion or Reserve Trophy, $30. Don't forget the "Big Bling", $150! Personalize your jacket with; the class, horse's name, your name. Call for pricing! Proudly produced in the USA!

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