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Show Number Magnets™
Care and Use

Show Number Magnets™ are a new way to attach your show number. The magnets are VERY STRONG and should be used carefully.

1. Remove one magnet set at a time. Practice putting your number in place on your garment with the first magnet. Then repeat the step with each set of magnets. BE CAREFUL! Don't try to hold all the magnets at the same time. They are VERY STRONG and will snap together; possibly damaging the crystals or the magnet.

2. Make sure your magnets are approximately an inch or so away from the number's edge. Be careful if you sit in a chair when you have your garment and number on, so the magnets don't shift or stick to any metal.

3. Remove your magnets just like you put them on, one at a time. Attach them to something metal or use the card they came on.

4. WARNING! These magnets should not be used around anyone with a heart pacemaker. Also, keep magnets away from electronic devices, computers and credit cards.


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